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Each GlobaLink translation project follows a rigorous quality assurance process, ensuring the most technically and grammatically correct translation possible. Our translation projects can include up to 18 separate steps and can involve the work of up to 7 separate team members in order to ensure its quality. We believe that it is the individuals working in your target industry who have the appropriate experience to accurately translate your material. It is also this reason that GlobaLink does not use any type of computer translation software in the development of your translation. Instead, we rely only on trained industry and linguistic professionals to create your customized and culturally appropriate document(s).

Previous GlobaLink experience and numerous association guidelines support a front and back translation process for specific types of documents. In addition to the standard front translation procedure (i.e., translating from the original language into the target language), the inclusion of a back translation component (i.e., where an independent Translator takes the new front translation and translates it back into its original language) allows for a comparison between the two original language documents to assess their consistency in meaning.

At GlobaLink, we have also added two extra steps to this recommended process we assign an independent Translation Reviewer to review and proofread every front translation we create, to further ensure its quality; GlobaLink also has an Industry Specialist (the original author of the document, whenever possible) review all back translations to ensure that all information is being accurately conveyed.

We do, however, recognize that all projects are unique and should be treated as such. It is for this reason that we assess each project on an individual basis and recommend a customized translation process that will both meet your requirements and provide the best possible results.

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